Media Skills Qualification

MSQ - The world's leading training programme

The MSQ is the world’s leading commercial Multimedia Media Programme designed primarily for sales and marketing professionals in the media industry. It is a classroom and self-study programme, comprising seven modules. The MSQ focuses on equipping participants to deliver a continued stream of revenue to traditional media channels and fully exploit 'new' channels.

The MSQ has been running in the UK for 15 years and has some 300 graduates.

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MSQ  - Not a 'turn up and smile event'

The knowledge and understanding gained are proven by stringent ongoing examination and coursework assessment. Typically, an MSQ delegate will complete three pieces of assessed work for each module, requiring some 20 hours of work per module (including classroom time).

It's tough, but those who have graduated the programme will readily tell you that it was worth it and that it has helped them to progress in their careers:


Katie Hampson, Manchester Evening News

“The module on TV has turned out to be most pertinent to me, as this has now taken a major role in the presentations I put together for the Agency team. I also learned to think about how my presentation will be perceived by agencies and it helped me get a grip on the level of knowledge that agency buyers have. This is something I really knew nothing about before hand and it’s had a significant impact on the kind of information I include and exclude from my presentations. I’m less likely to patronise regional press buyers by just telling them why regional press is so good! My level of understanding about the agency and the client is much improved”.


Peter Hazell, Midland Newspaper Association

To be honest at the outset I didn’t appreciate the level of commitment that would be required in terms of the pre-course work and revision outside the classroom sessions, but ultimately it was this very commitment and work schedule that heightened the sense of real achievement when you do graduate and it puts much more of a value on the qualification itself. The course has had a practical benefit with my job when talking to advertisers and media buyers because it simply gives you a depth of knowledge about other media, their strengths and weaknesses and instills more trust in you from the buyer”.



Russell Byrne, Graduate NMG

"One of the things I really enjoyed about the MSQ was the breadth of topics it covered. In fact, it helped prompt me to move from newspaper to online!"


Lorna Jamieson, Graduate  AMRA Scotland

"The MSQ programme was painful – a lot of commitment and personal time is needed to achieve the standard. Any sales person in media land would benefit from the vast knowledge the MSQ brings, especially in the very competitive multimedia environment."

MSQ - Relevant to salespeople, marketers, managers and CEOs

Okay it is hard work, but it’s great fun too. We guarantee you will learn new stuff that is highly relevant to your current sales role, and will still be highly relevant and central to your next role, such as running a major media group.

Much of the MSQ material has been reformatted for use internationally and for senior executives - in Russia, the US, and in many European markets.

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