Advanced Presentation Skills

Programme Objective:

Participants will learn to use a range of visual and verbal techniques and skills to prepare, deliver and manage an interactive sales presentation to a group of decision makers.

Programme Learning Outcomes:

  • I can apply a range of techniques to improve the creativity and persuasiveness of my business presentations.
  • I can generate participation from a presentation audience and manage their involvement.
  • I can choose the most appropriate style and structure for the presentation audience in order to achieve my objectives.
  • I can organise and manage a presentation venue to help me in achieving my objectives.
  • I can identify and address elements of my presentation delivery to improve my effectiveness.

Prior Learning /Competencies Required by Participants:

Participants should have attended, or be able to demonstrate the competencies defined for Presentation Skills.

Programme Resources

Session Plan

Slides with complete Trainers Notes

Exercises with instructions for use

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