Ad Design Essentials

Programme Objective:

To enable participants to design effective ads for print and online and to advise customers on deadlines, copy delivery and legal aspects of copy content.

Programme Learning Outcomes:

  • I can explain what the key components of a newspaper advertisement are and how they work
  • I can explain to an advertiser the reasons an ad designed in a particular way will work
  • I can explain the value of colour in a newspaper advertisement
  • I can write attention grabbing headlines
  • I can write copy that sells
  • I can explain to an advertiser what online ad formats are available and what they will achieve for their business
  • I can design a banner, button or skyscraper ad
  • I know what legal areas to look out for when agreeing advertising copy
  • I know when I need to confirm with an advertiser that they understand and are complying with, the law as it relates to the content of their advertisement.
  • I know what action to take when I see something that I believe may be unacceptable in an advertisement
  • I can explain to an advertiser how to create and send complete advertisements to my organisation
  • I can explain the processes for creating ad copy for any style of ad that I sell, print or online
  • I can explain what the different deadlines and the reasons they exist

Prior Learning /Competencies Required by Participants:


Programme Resources

  • Session Plan
  • Slides with complete Trainers Notes
  • Exercises with instructions for use

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