The New Business Call for Field Salespeople

Programme Objective:

To enable delegates to prepare for a new business call and to be able to use sales support material to strengthen their calls.

Programme Learning Outcomes:

  • I can identify the information I would like to have before making a sales call to a non advertiser
  • I can interpret information from the new business lead and use it to help me plan the call
  • I can prepare questions to enable me to fill the gaps in my knowledge when I make contact with a new potential customer
  • I can identify the decision maker in a business that does not advertise in our products and use a range of techniques to establish contact with them
  • I can explain the differences between a new business and a regular advertiser call and how they affect the way I need to handle it
  • I can adapt my basic selling skills to a new business call
  • I can judge the appropriate point to end the call to a potential advertiser
  • I take the appropriate follow up steps to convert the call into business
  • I can use a media pack, testimonials, visuals to strengthen my case in a face to face sales call
  • I can explain what kinds of testimonials are available
  • I can explain what kinds of visual I can use
  • I can create a visual myself when needed
  • I can choose a good copy of a newspaper to present
  • I can demonstrate the newspaper or a website effectively during a face to face sales call

Prior Learning /Competencies Required by Participants:


Programme Resources

Session Plan

Slides with complete Trainers Notes

Exercises with instructions for use

*THE NEW BUSINESS CALL FOR FIELD SALESPEOPLE has been developed for use  with print and online products.

If you would like a similar Programme for use with a different media channel please contact us.

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