Enhanced Selling Skills

Programme Objective:

To consolidate and extend participants’ understanding of the buying and selling processes and their ability to use core sales skills in both regular and new business calls (face to face or telephone)

Programme Learning Outcomes:

  • I can explain the thought processes a potential buyer experiences when making a purchasing decision.
  • I can use specific sales techniques to influence the customer at the different stages of the purchasing decision making process.
  • I can explain how persuasion works.
  • I can apply different persuasion techniques appropriately.
  • I can analyse the information from a lead (new or regular) and use it to anticipate customer questions, responses and objections.
  • I can use the information from a lead and / or my knowledge of the customer and the market to identify key gaps in my knowledge.
  • I can identify all the parties who may be involved in the decision-making process about advertising
  • I can use a range of techniques during a face to face or telephone sales call to build a rapport with the customer
  • I can explain what communication methods other than face to face and telephone selling I can use to convey a sales message to decision makers
  • I can use the "good news" technique within my calls to regular customers
  • I can plan my questions to focus specifically to gaining essential information.
  • I can vary the style of questions used to make the discussion progress in a way that feels natural to the customer.
  • I can use the CRIB process to bring unspoken customer needs to the surface and to get buy in.
  • I can integrate the information I uncover from my questions with the deductions I have made from my preparation to develop a proposal that matches the customers key requirements with specific benefits
  • I can use anecdotes and examples to bring the points that I am making to life.
  • I can build cost into my sales proposal naturally at the appropriate point and without waiting to be asked.
  • I can explain the reasons customers raise objections and use this understanding to help me to prepare stronger sales presentations
  • I can explain what a "red herring" objection is and can manage them successfully.
  • I can use an effective process for dealing with objections
  • I can overcome all common invalid objections without weakening my proposal
  • I can acknowledge and deal with valid objections without damaging my credibility in the eyes of the customer
  • I can explain the reasons I sometimes feel anxious about asking for the business and can use techniques to manage my anxiety
  • I can spot a buying signal and recognise appropriate opportunities to close
  • I can use techniques to recover from a refusal to buy and pave the way to present a more suitable alternative proposal.
  • I can use a range of techniques to appear confident, enthusiastic and assertive even if I am not necessarily feeling that way!
  • I can review my own sales skills after a call and identify ways to improve next time.

Prior Learning /Competencies Required by Participants:

Participants should have attended, or be able to demonstrate the competencies defined for How To Sell and The New Business Call

Programme Resources

Session Plan

Slides with complete Trainers Notes

Exercises with instructions for use

*ENHANCED SELLING SKILLS has been developed for use  with print and online products.

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