Presentation Skills

Programme Objective:

Participants will learn how to prepare a business presentation and will recognise their objectives in respect of presentation delivery.

Programme Learning Outcomes:

  • I can explain what a presentation is and what the value of it is.
  • I recognise common anxieties about speaking to groups in public and understand techniques for managing and them.
  • I can explain what the 3 stages of a presentation are and how each part contributes to it.
  • I can develop the content for a business (sales) presentation.
  • I can prepare a storyboard.
  • I can prepare the support material I need to enable me to deliver a presentation.
  • I recognise what I am aiming to achieve through the elements of my presentation delivery.
  • I recognise what areas of my presentation delivery I need to work on to ensure it is professional and persuasive.

Prior Learning /Competencies Required by Participants:


Programme Resources

Session Plan

Slides with complete Trainers Notes

Exercises with instructions for use

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