Training Toolkits – MSQ Out of the Box

Out of the Box is a series of MSQ Training Toolkits for media trainers to use.

One of the most common challenges for a trainer is finding the time and the inspiration to develop the material required for an effective training session. It’s an even greater issue for the line manager who is accountable to train and to deliver everything else required by the business and by the people.

Who can use the MSQ Training Toolkits?

Anyone who is accountable for training advertising salespeople and managers, at whatever level.

How do I know which MSQ Training Toolkits to use?

The MSQ Training Toolkits are presented in a way that is easy to understand both for the trainer and learning group. To help you select the material that is most appropriate for the needs of the people you are training, a list of Learning Outcomes accompanies each Toolkit. Why not take a look at the kind of Learning Outcomes the MSQ Toolkits for Trainers deliver? 

Can I try MSQ Training before I buy?

You can sample extracts from the MSQ Toolkits for Trainers by clicking the link below. If you have any questions about the materials or how to use them, online support is available free of charge with a 48-hour response time guaranteed. A number of MSQ Toolkits for Trainers have been developed for newspapers. If you would like to buy the same Toolkit for use in a different medium, we will reformat the material for you at no additional cost.

You can download the materials, follow the the instructions and start training right away!

Foundation Level

Intermediate Level

Advanced Level


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